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Random Targeting...in Real time...Under Stress and Under Pressure Against

An Unwilling Opponent

What we do

A system of defense catered to your needs wherever you live

Our system, core and methodology are based on an explosive system of combat called Balintawak. It is our base.

All of our training and tactics have been based on the actions and counteractions of criminals in modern times. We do not teach the Filipino Martial Arts as some systems do that were only applicable hundreds of years ago in the Philippines.

Everything we teach can be used in the real world, and in today's modern societies.


The Karma Kali methodology is rooted in the mindset of "One Stimulus One Response". Everything in our system (the full curriculum) always comes back to this one single phrase.


Our system is a complete system of self protection. We train against bladed weapons, impact weapons, and unarmed assailants. As well as teach how to use weapons yourself.


The tools, tactics and strategies taught in Karma Kali have been thoroughly tested against noncompliant opponents in real world situations and even military combat.

Our Curriculum

Evolution 1

Evolution 1 is all about defending the weapon. (DEFENSE FIRST). No matter if it is a knife wielding attacker, or your "Uncle Chester" drunk at a party wanting to cause some trouble and trying to punch you in the face. The entire first Evolution is all defense.

Evolution 2

Evolution 2 is all about defending the weapon then taking the weapon and returning it. What we refer to as "The Transition to Feeder". You are still continuing to learn to defend yourself, but now once you maintain control over your attacker and their weapon(s), you now go on the offensive.

Evolution 3

Evolution 3 is where we have the weapon...we are attacking. Doesn't matter if it is knife vs no knife, or knife vs knife. We are 100% offensive based in this evolution.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Our Master Instructor and founder Karma L. Senge has been involved in self defense for over 40 years now. He has dedicated his life to teaching everyday people, law-enforcement, government agencies, and military special operators in his method of combat and self protection.

Now, Master Senge brings his system to the rest of the world.


What they say

Redesna Kinner

Training under Coach Karma has been one of the best martial arts / self defense training I've had. His method and style of teaching makes it fun and motivating to learn and understand proper technique and application. Real world self defense, weapon and non-weapon, techniques is also what interests me most and he has and endless supply of both. His knowledge and expertise in various martial art styles is definitely one to seek, learn, and enjoy.

Karma Kali

Gabriel Koch

Training under Coach Karma is an immersive experience in real world self protection. His ability to quickly install the right mindset and build up the skill base of his students is amazing. Karma Kali gets you dealing with the most dangerous threat of all – the knife – from the start. In weeks – not months or years – I developed the reactions and behaviors and improved confidence to deal with an armed opponent. 

Coach Karma creates a fun, immersive and positive training environment, providing quick feedback and adjustment that accelerates development. I love that it doesn’t matter your size, shape, previous experience, gender or fitness to learn to be effective. I highly recommend Karma Kali for anyone interested in rapidly building their self defense toolkit and staying safe.  

Bryant cohn

I started training under Coach Karma in 2004. This was my first step into a marital arts school and I was hooked after 10 minutes!! To this day, I always get excited to see what new style or technique he shows me next. Karma has taught me various styles of Martial Arts including stick, knife, empty hand, boxing, kickboxing and BJJ. Coach Karma makes his training very understandable by breaking down techniques so that the student can become the teacher in the future. My favorite part of the training is the Karma Kali Stick. I've trained in this art the entire time under Coach Karma directly, and also got certified under Coach Karma in 2012!!


The Karma Kali curriculum always starts off with defense against a knife wielding attacker. If you look at the image above, that is "Blade" Evolution (EVO) 1.

The path of the beginner practitioner Starts at Blade EVO 1, Module 1 and will continue through Blade EVO 1, Module 3 before learning anything else.

While the practitioner is in Blade EVO 1, they will not learn anything from Stick, or Empty-hands training. We do this to lay a solid foundation with zero confusion.

Once the practitioner passes all three modules from Blade EVO 1, they can then move onto Blade EVO 2 and Stick & Empty-Hand training.

Karma Kali Practitioner & Instructor Levels

Practitioner Levels:

Level 1 Practitioner

The starting point. Equal to a white belt.

Level 2 Practitioner

Someone that has passed all of Blade EVO 1, Module 1.

Level 3 Practitioner

Someone that has passed all of Blade EVO 1, Module 1 & Module 2.

Level 4 Practitioner

Someone that has passed all modules of Blade EVO 1.

Level 5 Practitioner

Someone that has passed all of Blade EVO 1. And has also completed the Blade EVO 1 Instructors Curriculum.

Level 6 Practitioner

Someone that has passed all of Blade EVO 1. And has also completed the Blade EVO 1 Instructors Curriculum. And has completed either Blade EVO 2 - Module 1, or Stick EVO 1- Module 1, or Hand EVO 1 - Module 1

Instructor Levels:

Apprentice Instructor (Black Belt Level) - 3 Years

Someone that has passed all of Blade EVO 1. And has also completed the Blade EVO 1 Instructors Curriculum. And has completed either Stick EVO 1, and/or Hand EVO 1 and their accompanied Instructors Curriculum.

*Can only test and award students up to Level 3 Practitioner.

Assistant / Associate Instructor - 6 Years

Certified for all EVO 1 Courses (Blade, Stick, Hand)

Full Instructor - 9 Years

Certified for ALL EVOLUTION 1 & 2 Courses (Blade, Stick, Hand)

Can award the rank of "Apprentice Instructor".

Senior Instructor Levels:

Senior Instructor - Completion of the Art - 15 Years

Certified for All Evolutions

Can award the rank of "Assistant Instructor"

Advanced Senior Instructor - 21 Years

A true master of the system. And helps to run the council.

Can award the rank of "Full Instructor"

Master Instructor - 30+ Years

* The "Years" associated with each Instructor level are approximate numbers. Could take longer, could be shorter. It all depends on YOU. How much you train, how well you learn, Are you just in normal classes, or do you also take private lessons as well...lots to consider.

Contact Information

Flower Mound, Texas